Friday Five

Friday Five

  1. Currently Watching: Chef’s Table  & The Night Of. I desperately needed a new Sunday night series not that GOT is over and the first episode of The Night Of has me hooked.
  2. Currently Craving: Another weekend brunch at Josephine House. Great food and a dreamy little bungalow located in the Clarksville neighborhood of Austin. (Image above.)
  3. Currently Eyeing: Some Aesop hand soap and lotion. All the cool kids are using it, and it just smells and looks so good. Hard to swallow that price tag though.
  4. Currently Loving: Our new dining table and chairs from West Elm. eeeep!
  5. Currently Waiting For: My first Stitch Fix delivery! I desperately need a wardrobe update but shopping for clothes stresses me out. I’m really looking forward to new outfit options and something to push me out of my comfort zone when it comes to new clothes.

Alas! The weekend is upon us and I leave you with this yummy avocado jalapeno margarita garnished with sal de gusano. Cheers!




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