Gold Fall Decor

Halloween is only two weeks away and I finally feel like the weather is starting to feel like fall! (Maybe slightly, really early in the morning….) Nevertheless, I’m feeling festive and it’s time to get started decorating! I picked up some mini pumpkins at the grocery store last night and I’m planning on decorating them this weekend. Here’s some images I’ve found inspiring for this year’s decorations: I’m loving everything minimal, organic, white, and gold.

Cheers to sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes.





pumpkin details






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  1. Kay Silver says:

    I can’t even. TOO BEAUTIFUL. I am officially bitten with the bug and want to try a few of these, too. What do you think the gold dust/sugary-looking stuff is they used for the pumpkins at the baby shower? It’s gorgeous…

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  2. allysonsarmoire says:

    I know! Is that not the prettiest baby shower ever?! I’m not sure… it looks like pixie dust! I have seen some extra fine glitter at Michaels… I think it’s Martha Stewart. Does this call for a pumpking painting party?


  3. Dani says:

    The feathers! Ah, I love the feathers — just bought a feather pillow myself from Target


  4. hogan710 says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my feather garland!


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