Friday Five

IMG_1933Friday Five

  1. Do it for Denmark! With all of the tragic news lately, this article was a delight to read. Be sure to watch the video.
  2. “Your inner world has a direct effect on the way you experience the outer one, and any fulfilling home design should take that inner life into full account.” I’ve read a lot about color psychology in design and how a room can make you feel, but this article highlights links between color perception and emotion, or your emotional response to the colors in a room.
  3. The good kind of fat.
  4. I received my 23andMe kit in the mail this week! Can’t wait to find out more information about my ancestral origins and family lineage. (To this day, my family still can’t tell me where we immigrated from!)
  5. I rescued a piece of furniture from the dumpster this week, and it’s about to get a makeover. I’ll be making my first attempt a upholstering a large piece this weekend. Photos to follow.

Cheers to a great weekend!

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